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Bryce Brewer grew up around media, his father is 3-time Telly Award winner Drew B.
Hudson, and Bryce took an early interest in the field.  He showed a natural flair for both
media and business from a young age.  So, it surprised no one when he chose to major
in TV and Film in college and graduated with his Bachelors degree. 

With a world of choices open to him upon graduation, he was in the midst of deciding
which direction he would take in beginning his career, when his father approached him
to consider heading up an innovative media and marketing project, Bryce’s interest was
piqued.  The concept was simple and novel -- using media to create and promote
private wine clubs for restaurants.

Restaurants are in a far better position to host wine clubs than wineries, partly due to the sheer number of patrons they serve. Because restaurants often hire a substantial number of servers, this allows them to easily present their wine clubs to more dining
patrons.  Plus, restaurants typically stock more varieties of wine than wineries.
The whole idea appealed to Bryce.  He began to explore the possibility of taking on the project by researching and connecting with others he respected who had experience in media, business and marketing.  He knew that the legacy business had been started more than a decade earlier but he knew that he needed to bring it to the next level through creativity of marketing and technology. He considered the potentially-enormous scope of the project carefully, and formulated a plan to bring the idea to fruition. His Dad had always encouraged him to seize opportunities, telling him, "They come around as often as leap year".  The trick is being able to recognize them.”  This is an opportunity Bryce recognized well, and that’s where it all began for Private Loyalty Club (PLC). A new corporation entity acting as an umbrella for the existing Private Wine Club and Private Beauty Clubs as well as future clubs to be developed using a similar business model.

Bryce’s vision is to create disruption in multiple industries, taking traditional businesses, and turning part of their operations into subscription businesses, thereby creating residual revenue for restaurants and businesses that generally must rely upon daily
labor in order to earn.  While he’s willing and eager to dig into a job with gusto, his emphasis is on working smarter and being surrounded by an exceptionally strong team.  17% of restaurants in the U.S. went out of business since the Pandemic began. That’s 110,000 establishments that ceased to operate.  The time is ripe for PLC.  Brewer said in a recent interview, “Our concept could have solved that closure problem.  We are helping other types of businesses, including the health, beauty and fitness industries, create additional income streams, as well.” 
Ready, willing and able, Bryce set out to build his team.  First, he requested that his father stay on as a consultant and part-time spokesman for the company -- no real formal role, as his dad is ready to retire soon.  With that commitment in place, Bryce’s
real work began.

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Next, Robert Mehler was added to the team, bringing great education and experience. With an undergraduate degree from Bucknell University and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business, he has served as a Senior Vice President responsible for one of the 5 arms of distribution for the Pepsi Cola Company of North America. 
A burning desire for greater personal growth, freedom, and altruistic impact led Robert to the direct sales industry where he became an International Marketing Director, Corporate Trainer and one of the top money-earners in a company that was named the #1 Fastest Growing Privately Held Company in America by Inc. Magazine.  He later partnered in a full-service marketing agency, driving 24-59% revenue growth for new clients without an increase in marketing budget.  He is a strong supporter of entrepreneurs, small business owners and conscientious large businesses alike, and is the VP of Sales for PLC.

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Bryce knew he needed someone capable of handling the software that would be needed. After an intense search, he found a team that could design, install, implement, maintain, upgrade, protect and manage every aspect of the Private Wine Club.  Bryce’s team has been implementing the platform that is qualified to handle collectively what could well become the largest wine club in the world.  Careful planning and goal-setting are part of the service, and the system is more than capable enough to turn PLC into a business juggernaut.  This platform, which will be available 24/7, is ideal in supporting the restaurant industry.
A companion app is also needed to handle reservations and appointments for thousands of people, as the business continues to grow.  For that, Bryce turned to one of Drew’s trusted colleagues -- producer, editor and app developer, Michael Scott, who is an expert in business and tech, as well as a creative -- a rare combination of talents - - and a perfect fit for the team.  Michael now serves as IT Manager of PLC.

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Kathy Garver


Rounding out the team is media icon, Kathy Garver, a film, television, stage and voice-over actor, perhaps most known for having portrayed the teenaged orphan, Cissy, on the popular 1960’s sitcom, Family Affair.  Before that, Cecil B. DeMille, the acknowledged founding father of American cinema, cast her in his ageless film, The Ten Commandments.  


Today, Kathy is an entrepreneur and executive producer for multiple projects, one of which is the Before & After TV Show, which supports beauty salons and medi-spas, industries also supported by PLC.  Kathy serves on the PLC Advisory Board and is the official spokesperson for the organization.

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